Our People

These are some of the awesome people we work with.

Ben Nolan
Running on Code – story by Julian Farquhar

Beneath the surface of every electronic device we use to guide our lives is code. Its something like the genetics of the modern world, the future is written by men like this.

Blair Morgan
Musician, Banker, Teacher, Sales person to IT Manager and IT Career Champion
– Story by Tony Cutting

Brett Keno
Brett Keno, – Sculptor, Brother, Father, Husband & Son.
Story by Tony Cutting

Brett is now living the dream, working from home with his beautiful wife making a fulfilling existence doing something he is deeply passionate about.

Carl Wairau
Developing Futures – Story by Sonya Bloomfield

Carl was born and bred in Napier in the Hawkes Bay and is from Ngāti Kahungunu. It’s not too far from where his Father grew up in Nahuka, Mahia.

Chief Tuaopepe John Ah Kuoi
Story by Sonya Bloomfield, photos by Delena Nathuran

It doesn’t surprise me that John is now in the business of helping people as his face lit upevery time he talked about this throughout our conversation. Whether it was helping his girls, his family, his rugby players, his bosses or his clients this is the thing that was peppered through his story and I am sure is the thing that makes him most happy.

Craig Wells
Story by Sonya Bloomfield, Photo by Big Fish Creative

Hunter, Gatherer, Father and making a massive difference to Maori and Iwi in Northland

Dan Walker
3rd year 5th form, IT Sales guru, and MBA.
Story by Tony Cuttng

When I first chatted to Dan I really struggled to comprehend how young he still is. This is because this rangatira has achieved a lot in his first 30+ years and what is truly inspiring is he didn’t have what most people would regard as the best start.

Daniel Panter
Story by Tony Cutting.

Kapiti Sport Photographer, World Cup Rugby Photographer, Business Entrepreneur who just happens also to have shot One Direction and Justin Bieber as Sony New Zealand’s official Photographer.

Dr Kathie Irwin
(Ngati Porou, Rakaipaaka, Ngati Kahungunu)
Educator, mentor, mother, granddaughter, singer and writer.

– Story by Tony Cutting

Himiona Grace
Story by Tony Cutting

Beach Bum, Writer, Musician, Father of four and Director of one of New Zealand’s latest hit movies…

Jade Whipps
Kiwi country girl, with a down to earth, customer focused approach – Story by Tony Cutting
Jade initially comes across as your typical “Kiwi country” girl, a little reserved, very friendly and down to earth. As her story unfolds you discover ‘her book’ contains a lot more inside than what the initial ‘cover’ appears to provide.

Jelena Bennett
Continuing the Bennett history of Maori into Psychiatry in New Zealand

Story by Sonya Bloomfield

What took Jelena Bennett down the path of psychiatry was almost pre-ordained for her in some ways. “My grandfather was a doctor, my aunty is a doctor and they’re actually both psychiatrists. But I never thought I was going to do psychiatry, I’d always wanted to be a doctor from a really young age but psychiatry is something I fell into later on in my life.”

Lennox Jones
Following his heart – Story by Sonya Bloomfield

Linda Cohen
Linda Cohen – story by Tony Cutting

From London to Wellington (Business Manager, Project Manager – Contractor)

Linda Gilbert
Combining creative skills and business knowledge for great results
– Story by Tony Cutting

Malavika Gopal
Originally from Wellington, Malavika completed her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Auckland with Mary O’Brien. In 2005, she was awarded the prestigious Patricia Pratt Scholarship and moved to Boston to study with Miriam Fried and Masuko Ushioda at the New England Conservatory.

Matt Evans
Interview with Julian Farquhar

Matt Evans has taken the leap of faith and is following his dream of becoming a top kiwi photographer…