Daniel Panter

Story by Tony Cutting.

Kapiti Sport Photographer, World Cup Rugby Photographer, Business Entrepreneur who just happens also to have shot One Direction and Justin Bieber as Sony New Zealand’s official Photographer.

Born in Manchester UK (1995) yes he is that young!  Daniel moved to New Zealand in 2008 with his parents.  Immediately he gets on side with me as he confirms he is a Man United fan although he confesses he has never seen a game live albeit spending half his life in Red Devils land.

Just to paint the picture we are at Otaki Races on a beautiful hot summer’s day as guests of Kapiti News.  Daniel is laid back and casual, as I ask questions about what he has achieved to date I find him very humble yet unlike many teenagers he is more than able to hold a conversation.  Daniel is more like someone who has been around the traps for years rather than a kid yet to experience “the real world”.

So he integrated into kiwi hood at a local primary school to meet some friends before moving on into Paraparaumu College in 2009.  

This is his last year at the College and Daniel plans to take a year off before deciding his next steps.  Before even starting a fulltime job Daniel seems to have stumbled into a career of photography which happened when his Dad loaned him a camera and he took some family pics at the beach, a family friend was a photographer and gave Daniel his camera to have a play.  Another contact liked the shots Daniel had been taking and then arranged for Daniel to shoot his staff (MORE FM radio).

“So slowly the word got out there” (I smile “slowly” In his world – I cannot wait to when he finds out what slowly really is like, of course that may take some time…), anyway back to it - basically within a year Daniel was invited to shoot a number of gigs and then lands the opportunity of a lifetime to shoot at the 2011 Rugby World Cup after googling how to apply and his photography life has been moving pretty quickly (my thoughts) since then.  This achievement got Daniel a lot of media attention and he moved his fledgling Photography business [Picture this – yes feel free to Google his site] and created his own Photo Agency supplying media companies with photos.’

So middle of last year (Lets just think 2011 RWC, 2012 call from Sony do you mind taking shots of One Direction!) “So slowly the word got out there” Since then Sony have had him shoot Justin Bieber whom he explains is a bit of a MJ wannabe is high maintenance but has a heart of gold.  He explains although fans got pissed off he was 2 hours late starting his concert he was actually out back with a large group of canteen kids (Kids with cancer) giving them the time he thought they needed – little scoop Daniel was right there and witnessed exactly what went down, he travels with the acts he is shooting but does accentuate there are a lot of rules which he sticks too.

Outside of School and running a Photo Agency Daniel spends the rest of his life hanging with friends and helping me get Kapiti Sport off the ground.  In his last year of college he is studying Music, Photography, Social Studies, Media and Drama.  

So what’s the plan for the future?

Daniel has sort of a rough plan but it seems to change day by day.  It seems to be a bit of shooting for Kapiti Sport and two other projects (I hope to rope him into next year Rugby 121 and Capital Sport and in his spare time? maybe a few more jobs for Sony taking profile photos of any Global stars they bring into Gods zone.

He loves his job and explains he treats it like a job when he’s working but when he is not working try’s to leave the camera at home so he can truly relax.  I suspect we will hear a lot more great stories from Daniel in the future and wish him the very best on a journey which is well on its way - as we old people say “living the dream”.

PS.  (If you really want to know why and how this has happened check out his photos)

Daniel Panter