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We help people find people.  Whether you are a jobseeker, employer or recruitment agency we are keen to help our clients succeed.

Our Purpose: Helping to make New Zealand a better place to live, work and play.

Job Posting on JobCafe and/or using our talent pool (on-line recruitment system) 

To find out about advertising services, rates for JobCafe or to setup your own Job Posting Account or enquire about using our talent pool solution - Email Tony Cutting or call / txt Tony on 021 911 722.


Other Talent Management related services

Career Coaching, Recruitment Training, Organisational Branding, Social Media Marketing, Recruitment Marketing channel development.

Our systems, social media marketing and training services are designed to help people think about how they can best promote themselves, their organisations and add value to New Zealand. We work on projects to develop targeted networks that help our clients succeed.  To view an example of our projects visit the sites below.

www.kumaravine.co.nz   www.possibility.net.nz   www.wellingtontoday.co.nz   www.auckland101.nz   www.manukau.today

www.kapitinow.co.nz   www.taranaki.today

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Facebook/Kumara Vine  Facebook/Wellington Today     Facebook/The Kiwi Graduate    Facebook/The Creatives

Facebook/Kapiti Now   Facebook/Auckland101   Facebook/Manukau.Today   Facebook/Canterbury.Today


JobCafe is happy to work with our clients to setup targeted Talent Pipelines and Networks using Project based websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Newsletter Database builds.  This proactive approach ensures we drive the talent you need to the JobCafe talent pool and/or your own database.

JobCafe Coaching Services

JobCafe provides Career Coaching services for people who  need assistance in developing a career plan then executing this with a solid marketing strategy. Our JobCafe ' Available Now' service was developed to market these clients to employers across New Zealand.

For employers and recruiters we can help develop you into proactive recruiters who build solid referral networks, attractive brands and find the people you are looking for.

For further information about JobCafe Coaching services please contact Tony Cutting on 021 911 722 or email tony.cutting@peoplenet.co.nz or visit our JobCafe Coaching website at jobcafecoaching.com



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